02.   An Ode to the Airbag

Automotive airbags, steel, fan, LEDs, timer
An Ode to the Airbag is a reflection on a true symbol of the modern global supply chain; the automotive airbag. In the form of an illuminated and pulsating tower, the piece animates an otherwise mysterious and hidden object that is frequently in close proximity, but only in the worst situations do we see or feel in real life. The automotive Airbag both represents the best and worst aspects of our global production network. It is a lifesaving piece of technology found in every new car on the planet, but as seen in the recent Takata airbag tragedy it has also come to represent the fragility and risk that a complex global supply chain creates. An to Ode the Airbag is an edition of one specifically designed and fabricated for Designworks 03: The Supply Chain at Sophie Gannon Gallery.

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